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Quality LCD Televisions from ClearDragon

LCD Televisions
We have designed and made a range of LCD televisions with superb screens, excellent audio and an elegance of design that will add grace to any environment.

Design Philosophy
Our products are designed with elegance and simplicity in mind.  We use proven components to develop a product that meets its purpose perfectly, that is pleasing to the eye and that can be manufactured in a reliable manner.

LCD Television from ClearDragon

We sell LCD televisions which are based on the use of  crisp responsive screens which makes it great for fast moving console games and for watching live sporting events.  The sound quality makes it ideal for home cinema use.

The televisions are HDTV ready (High Definition TV) and come with full audio and video HDMI decoders built in as standard.  They have SCART, VGA and DVI interfaces and all sets can be wall-mounted.

Sales and Delivery

Sales are handled by HSBC who offer a secure payment system and, we aim to deliver orders within 24 hours.  


ClearDragon offer one of the best warranties to it's customers with a three year "pick and drop" service which means that if your TV needs repairs or replacement we will collect and return your TV with no cost to our customers.  Terms of the warranty are set out here: Warranty