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Company Description

ClearDragon designs, manufactures sells LCD televisions.  Our design team is based in Berkshire in the United Kingdom.  Our products are designed with elegance and simplicity in mind. 

As well as our on products, we are reselling Viewpia and Atek televisions in the UK.

The main goal  of ClearDragon is to ensure our customers the optimum visual and acoustical solution using LCD screens and NICAM stereo.  We use proven components and seek to develop a product that is pleasing to the eye, meets its purpose perfectly and is can be manufactured in a reliable manner.  An introduction of new products will always represent new thinking with regards to technology and selection of material.  But always, we look to customer experience and ease of maintenance as key design goals.

For a partner, it will be easy to use ClearDragon as a supplier. Ensuring quality in our production is a focus area, which is constantly improved. This to ensure a high uniform quality level on our products regardless of production place.

With design in Europe and production in Asia,  we can always offer our partners a suitable logistic solution as to quantity and delivery times.

In summary,  the ClearDragon philosophy is:  
- Optimum video and acoustical solutions for our customers
- Space for special partner requirements
- New thinking when launching new products
- Wide range of products
- Logistic excellence